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For those of you planning a wedding, I could not endorse Melissa Huston more.


From the first time  we met I knew that she would work tirelessly to make me happy, which wasn't necessarily easy! 


I'm a picky gal and I know exactly what I want. Her creativity is off the charts and I couldn't have been any  happier with how things turned out on my wedding day. 

From my beautiful bouquets to the three hanging flower chandeliers during our ceremony to the gorgeous    head table everything was so beautiful. Thank you so much Melissa! 

  I wish you the best with Studio H Floral Design! You're the best!
                 Jessica and JP 8/24/12 

Melissa is an amazing artist! I had so many styles and ideas that I love, but was unable to focus down to what was right for MY wedding. 

I gave Melissa the artistic freedom to make what I needed and boy did she deliver. I would never have imagined the centerpieces and they were so PERFECT for my theme/style/venue.

 I am amazed at what she did for the price. My bouquet was gorgeous and the girls' were just what I wanted. She even found thistle for the men (we had a Scottish wedding). 

I would recommend her again and again!  

Sarah 10/16/2010

I loved working with Melissa on my wedding! From the moment I met her I knew she would 
do a good job because she's a happy, bubbly person, and her answer to everything was 
"we'll make it work, we'll find a way". She has an ability to interpret people's style and once I told her the feel I wanted for my wedding, she ran with it. 

We didn't have the biggest budget for flowers but you'd never be able to tell by the looks Melissa created. She was honest about some of the more expensive flowers and which ones could be substituted with cheaper flowers to get a fuller look. We didn't have any room in the budget for alter flowers but when I walked down the aisle I saw that Melissa threw in two arrangements. I was so touched that she did what she could to make our wedding flowers perfect (not to mention my bouquet was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!) 

Royal and Dan 09/29/2012


Our daughters were married 6 months Melissa was WONDERFUL to work with for both weddings. The weddings were in July January. She designed unique ideas special to each of the couple's wishes and venues. The ideas & execution she came up with were amazing. She was very understanding & listened to the obvious concerns about budgets. We knew from the first meeting she was the floral designer for us and she exceeded our expectations. The "little" touches she thought of were special. Both weddings were absolutely beautiful with all her ideas & amazing work. We highly recommend her I will use her in the future for any events. We received rave reviews from our guests. 

Dawn, Mother of the Bride 01/08/2012 and 08/09/2011

Once I purchased my daughter's prom gown and saw the intricate detail within it, there was NO question as to whom I would call to design her corsage & boutonniere... now I know that the corsage was the responsibility of her date, however, I just had to have Melissa design these florals! Being a wedding/special events professional myself, I hire the best in the business and there's NO question that Melissa is one of the BEST floral designer's there is. 

All I had to do was contact her and she told me, "Not to worry, she would handle it." I never had that "I'm just another customer" feeling, Melissa was always responsive. After she delivered the floral, I stood in my living room and cried, they were SO beautiful! During the prom party, about 60 people gathered at my home and Everyone, including the men, commented that they had never seen prom flowers that looked like my daughter's flowers. My daughter came home and said, "Mom, the principal asked if she could have my corsage and every girl there was making a huge deal about where we got our flowers!" 

A MASSIVE "Thank You" Melissa, for a wonderful job, as always! I look forward to working with you again!  

 Trina 5/17/2013

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